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Kinema106 – クレイジーソルジャー

Title: クレイジーソルジャー (Crazy Soldier)
Circle: キネマ106 – Kinema106
Album: 深淵
Vocal: kalon.
Arrangement: Tom, jun-jun
Release Date: Dec 28, 2014 (C87)

Are you RE-ady?

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Innocent Key – ∅ ~Rabbit who went to the moon~

Title: ∅ ~Rabbit who went to the moon~
Circle: Innocent Key
Album: 東方お伽話
Vocal: 大瀬良 あい (Ai Oosera)
Arrangement: Hate (IDEA+RHYTHM)
Original: 九月のパンプキン (September Pumpkin)
Release Date: Aug 15, 2015 (C88)

It took just one listen to this song for me to get hooked.  These type of vocals are my favorite and in the process of translating I learned more about culture.  This song is about a cute Japanese fairy tale that explains why there is a rabbit on the moon. You can interpret this song in a darker way, like this song does.

One day, the Goddess Chang’e looked down at the forest on Earth and saw a Monkey, a Fox, and a Rabbit. Chang’e wondered which one of them was the kindest, so she decided to go to Earth disguised as a poor beggar. She asked the three animals for food, and the animals took pity. The monkey went and got her fruits, the fox went and got her a fish, but the rabbit could not find anything. The rabbit asked the monkey to fetch some kindling (dried vegetation), and the fox to start a fire. The Rabbit told the beggar “I don’t have anything to give you. I will put myself in the fire, and when I’m cooked you can eat me.” The beggar transformed back into the Chang’e and told the rabbit that it was very kind, but it should not do anything to hurt itself. Moved by its kindness, Chang’e took the rabbit to the moon to live with her.

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Trinity Note – 紅ノ花

Title: 紅ノ花 (Crimson Flower)
Circle: Trinity Note
Album: 紅ノ花
Vocal: 遊女
Arrangement: spikin
Release Date: Aug 14, 2015 (C88)

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帝國交響楽団 – 天翔る龍は闇に笑む

Title: 天翔る龍は闇に笑む (The Dragon Soaring the Heavens Smiles at the Darkness)
Circle: 帝國交響楽団 (Empire Ensemble)
Album: 陽はまた昇る (The Sun Also Rises)
Vocal: ℃iel
Arrangement: -SEKI
Release Date: Dec 30, 2013 (C85)
Art: kurokky709
Requested by: Kuro Usagi

Tenryuu-chan isn’t afraid of the dark!

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