To make requests, go to my YouTube discussion page or send an email to   All  translations are done in native American English.

FREE translations are translations for doujin work only.  Anyone can request and use a free translation as long as credit is given.  This service is first come, first serve.  As of September 15, 2016, I am no longer taking free translation requests.

PAID translations have a cost that depends on the amount of kanji and kana to translate.  These requests have the highest priority.  The buyer has full rights to the translation and will not be published here without approval.  See the bottom of this page to determine the price.

Work Queue

Work Translation Type Requestor


価格 Pricing

Product Pricing
かな (kana) 1文字5円 (3円 per character)
漢字 (kanji) 1字10円 (5円 yen per character)
最低価格 (minimum price) 500円
>2000文字 連絡して下さい (Contact for pricing)

価格調べ Price Checker

0 仮名(Kana) + 0 漢字 (Kanji) = 0

Of course, donations are welcome!  I can’t technically take donations, but you can purchase a small 500円 translation and let me know if you don’t plan to use it!