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Kinema106 – 不滅の激情

Title: 不滅の激情 (Immortal Passion)
Circle: キネマ106 (Kinema 106)
Album: 銃
Vocal: kalon.
Arrangement: Tom, jun-jun
Art: おちょん@6魂う25
Release Date: Aug 15, 2014 (C86)
Requested by: Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class

One of Kinema’s earlier works.  I’m not a huge fan of the melody personally, but kalon’s vocals are nice as usual.

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帝國交響楽団 – 天翔る龍は闇に笑む

Title: 天翔る龍は闇に笑む (The Dragon Soaring the Heavens Smiles at the Darkness)
Circle: 帝國交響楽団 (Empire Ensemble)
Album: 陽はまた昇る (The Sun Also Rises)
Vocal: ℃iel
Arrangement: -SEKI
Release Date: Dec 30, 2013 (C85)
Art: kurokky709
Requested by: Kuro Usagi

Tenryuu-chan isn’t afraid of the dark!

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Younomi – 夜戦 ~雷鳴と狂気の夜に~

Title: 夜戦 ~雷鳴と狂気の夜に~ (Night Battle ~To the Night of Thunder and Madness~
Circle: Younomi
Album: 海神 wadatsumi
Vocal: 愛原佑季 (天然ジェミニ)
Arrangement: rudder-k (scorefreq)
Release Date: Dec 29, 2013 (C85)
Art: 金盞花
Requested by: Kuro Usagi

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Spring Breeze Sound Studio – 八重の桜雪

Title: 八重の桜雪 (Eight-Fold Cherry Blossom Snow)
Circle: Spring Breeze Sound Studio
Album: キス島作戦対策会議 (Kiss Island Strategic Countermeasure Conference)
Vocals: 黒兎ウル(@kurousagi_uru)
Arrangement: ひかげ(@hikagemono_yuki)
Lyrics: 茅那 湊(@minato285)
Art: あまがえる(@HylaTheWet)
Release Date: Aug 15, 2014 (C86)

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nT Plug° – 星に願いを

Title: 星に願いを響 (Wish upon a star)
Circle: nT Plug°
Album: Sweet Vocal Collection ~甘これ~
Arrangement: nT Plug°
Release Date: Dec 30, 2015 (C89)

An adorable song about Hibiki from small group nT Plug° that does a lot of KanColle work.  The other songs of this album include the other members of the 6th DesDiv.

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Trinity Note – 閃界面

Title: 閃界面 (Flickering Surface)
Circle: Trinity Note
Album: Never Blue
Vocal: 冴花 (Saeka)
Arrangement: 司/19G
Release Date: Dec 28, 2014 (C87)
Art: ててう (teteu)

Requested by Kuro Usagi.  The title, Flickering Surface, has a double meaning.  Surface can mean surface of water, but it can also mean user interface.  One flickering surface is the waters where Hiryuu sank, and the other surface your screen playing KanColle where she is reborn.

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Kinema106 – レンドエンズ

Title: レンドエンズ (Rend Ens)
Circle: キネマ106 (Kinema 106)
Album: 深淵
Vocal: kalon.
Arrangement: Tom, jun-jun
Release Date: Dec 28, 2014 (C87)

It’s not Batman!

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